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Dear Storyteller, First, let us introduce ourselves. We are partners of ALL IN project, which is co-financed by Europe for Citizens Programme. Our consortium shares the strive, that migration is one of the oldest human trends, which shaped countries, societies and national identities. Huge mobility of global population for the last decades and especially for... Continue Reading →

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End of the project ALL IN

Project  Pathways to belonging: From interculturAL dialogue to sociaL Inclusion - ALL IN has come to its end. During these three years, we got to understand  migration movements that led to a great heterogeneity of cultures.  Within this project, project partners gathered migrant stories with different backgrounds. The main purpose of gathering stories comes from the assumption that people can... Continue Reading →

ALL IN online brochure

As part of the project, we made an online brochure in which you can find basic information about our project, migrant stories that were shared with us during the duration of the project, and recipes which will bring a piece of foreign culture to every single household. Hope you will enjoy it. ALL IN online... Continue Reading →

Joudie’s Qatayef

Joudie has shared her recipe of Qatayef, soft pillowy pancakes that are simply gorgeous. They are freshly made and stuffed with all sorts of fillings – cream, pistachios, walnuts, cheeses. They are sometimes eaten soft and sometimes fried, the choice is yours – the method of preparing them and putting them together is the same.... Continue Reading →

Salma’s Boramiyeh (Syria)

Salma is a Syrian refugee, now living in the UK, who learnt this dish from her mother and loves it because it takes her back to memories of her homeland. Boramiyeh is a traditional salad-starter made with lentils that takes its name from a village in Afrin, Northern Syria. Traditionally, it would be cooked up... Continue Reading →

A Somali with no homeland

The minor is from Somalia, he is sixteen years old and he never met his mother (the reason for her disappearance remains unknown). The decision to travel to Europe was made together with his father and uncle, so that they could escape the terrorist attacks that took place in his country. His father and he... Continue Reading →

A hot-tempered minor from Baghdad

The minor is from Baghdad, Iraq. He never met his biological parents and grew up in an orphanage until the age of five. Since then, he was adopted by a family, which forced them to work and when he did not follow the rules, he was punished by example (use of verbal violence and manual... Continue Reading →

Brothers from Syria on the move

Two and a half years ago, the three minor brothers (two boys and a girl) were forced to leave their family at a very young and tender age in order to escape the ongoing war in their home city, Qamishli - Syria. So far, Qamishli has been facing numerous terrorist attacks and horrific bombings. Assad's... Continue Reading →

Elahe’s Kashk-O bademjan (Iran)

This mouth-watering aubergine dish is all the way from Iran, made by Elahe who came to the UK as a refugee in 2006. Kashk is one of her muchloved dishes she loves to share. With its celebratory garnish and served with Middle Eastern flatbread, it works well as a starter or side dish. ‘I feel... Continue Reading →

Shakirat’s Yam Balls(Nigeria)

These tasty Nigerian Yam Balls are a recipe from Shakirat, who came to London as a refugee from Nigeria in 2002. When Shakirat was forced to flee her home country she brought her much treasured recipes with her to the UK. One of her favourite dishes is Yam Balls with a special twist. Yams are... Continue Reading →

7th online meeting – Greece (15.-16.6.2021)

On 15 & 16 June 2021, a two-day international meeting was organized by the Local Government Association of Western Macedonia within the framework of the ALL IN project, which is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme. The meeting focused on issues of integration of refugees and migrants in the society and the economy. The... Continue Reading →

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