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Brothers from Syria on the move

Two and a half years ago, the three minor brothers (two boys and a girl) were forced to leave their family at a very young and tender age in order to escape the ongoing war in their home city, Qamishli – Syria. So far, Qamishli has been facing numerous terrorist attacks and horrific bombings. Assad’s forces, the Syrian militia, the Turkish and Russian armies are engaged in fierce battles with each other, often killing peaceful Syrian civilians, such as the Yahya family. Consequently, there was an obvious risk of losing their lives. Reasonably the two minors describe a repressed daily life from this period that has been traumatized by insurmountable war and endless fear. In their homeland, healthcare services were not accessible, educational infrastructure was non-existent and food was in short supply. There was also the danger for the two boys to inadvertently enlist in one of the involved fighting groups of the civil war.

Moving to Germany and reuniting with their aunt (Mrs. R.), was a difficult decision that had to be made by the whole family due to the high risk of death from bombing and terrorist attacks in the place they were already staying. Their journey started at the end of 2018 and the minors traveled alone without any help, sometimes with groups of unknown adults. From Syria they managed to go to Turkey and then arrived in Greece. Throughout the voyage they had to cross mountains and face hunger, thirst and miserable living conditions, risking their lives. The emotional cost caused by all these difficulties cannot, unfortunately, be measured to this day. The images that have been imprinted in their memory, maintain a long-term impact on their daily lives in various ways and the effects of these stressful experiences can be observed in their current daily behavior. Undoubtedly, separation from parents has become an extremely painful process for the minors, especially since it has been almost three years since they met each other, be loved, receive family warmth and to be hugged by any relative.

At the present stage, the two boys Omar and Osama have been hosted in the Unaccompanied Minors Structure of Social EKAB in Korisos since 05/05/2020. Recently, their sister was placed in the nearest structure of underage girls in Pentalofos, Kozani.

According to confidential information from the minor brother, we conclude that upon their arrival in Greece the aunt visited the country from Germany with a fake passport in order to help her nephew move to Germany. However, at the airport of Samos where she went to meet the sister, the Greek authorities uncovered the forgery. As a result the aunt had to deny the kinship with the girl, and she was forced to return to Germany alone. There is also the suspicion that she intended to engage her niece into a possible marriage with her own child. The aunt had tried moving all the children to Germany once again 5 months before, with a trafficker from Greece to Germany.

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