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Why ALL IN project?

Migration is one of the oldest human trends, which shaped countries, societies and national identities.
Most contemporary states are, in their way, products of earlier waves of migrations, which were not as massive as the contemporary ones.
Huge mobility of global population for the last decades, and especially for the last couple of years caused that host societies have consequently become increasingly multicultural and put into question the long-standing national identities of relatively homogeneous nations.
According to the United Nations, three quarters of the migrations have cultural background.
Culture counts as the most important and relevant thing to define individuality of the nation, minority or even single person.
Even recent migrant waves show that when people migrate, they take their culture with them and try to integrate it into new local environment. These cause changes in already shaped and established society or nation on the one side, but on the other side new wave of multiculturalism featured sharp polarization over migration issues in public debates jointly with intolerance, xenophobia and disrespect for human rights.
ALL IN will raise the awareness that migrations are not a new phenomenon. Deeply needed respect and tolerance will be prequisitly established on a partnership level, which consists of different nations and individuals, influenced by different culture.
Moreover, the consortium also include the only divided country in EU, Cyprus, and Kosovo* which is still not fully recognized from international society. A small, but safe environment of the partnership with its activities will create a base to foster intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance, and spread them to participants transnational activities – workshops, debates, panels, good practices visits, etc. will foster their European citizenship.

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