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A hot-tempered minor from Baghdad

The minor is from Baghdad, Iraq. He never met his biological parents and grew up in an orphanage until the age of five. Since then, he was adopted by a family, which forced them to work and when he did not follow the rules, he was punished by example (use of verbal violence and manual labor). As a result, his life was very difficult, as he could not feel safe, nor was he in a position to properly raise as being such a young child. He mentions that his adoptive parents were completely indifferent to him and constantly made him feel unacceptable. For the above reasons, he decided to leave his home and look elsewhere for security and shelter.

The beneficiary’s journey begins in July 2019 when after wandering the streets for several days, he managed to find a family that offered him shelter. To be precise, they provided him a room in a car repair shop. There the minor was obliged to work in order to receive his livelihood and residence. After he managed to raise money, he came in contact with a trafficker to start his journey to Greece. Around December 2019 he started from Iraq to Turkey where he stayed for a few days and finally managed to reach the island of Chios. While he had started the journey with two friends, he finally stayed alone in Chios because the other two managed to reach Germany. From Chios, where he remained for about a month in the protected context for unaccompanied minors, he was transferred to the reception center in Klidi. On 14/04/2020 he was placed in the transitional accommodation structure for unaccompanied minors “AFANOS” in Peristera, Thermi.

He stayed in the structure for 7-8 months and then was expelled as he showed extremely aggressive behavior towards another beneficiary on the grounds that his personal belongings were stolen. This was followed by protective custody for about 10 days, after which he was placed on 06/11/2020 in the temporary structure “Four Seasons Hotel” of a relocation program, after his removal from the previous structure. During his stay in the latest structure, the minor developed friendly relations with other minors, but he showed tendencies of imposition and wanted to take a leading role in claiming various requests. In addition, from the second month of his stay in the previous structure he showed outbursts of anger and inability to manage it. Frequent meetings were held with the psychologist on anger management and his behavior towards his peers and the staff of the structure. From the meetings, it emerged that the minor is experiencing great anxiety for obtaining a residence permit and a passport, which, as he mentioned, would enable him to plan his life as he wishes. For the same reason, he often expressed the need to meet with the solicitor of the structure. Also, the minor due to the friendly environment he had found in Thessaloniki, he preferred to spend much of his time there.

Due to all the above existing conditions according to the information of the staff, he was referred to involuntary psychiatric hospitalization on 10/02/2021 in the child psychiatric clinic of the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki, after showing physical violence to a caretaker of the structure, with escalating inability to manage himself and the other attendees. During treatment he received a levomepromazine pill. The same night on 11/02/2021 the young man states that he wanted to see his uncle, who had traveled from Sweden to meet him. For that specific reason he fell from the second floor of the clinic the same day, trying to escape. Since then he was taken to Papageorgiou Hospital for the care of his foot, while there he was examined by a child psychiatrist and he was not given any pharmaceutical treatment.

When he was discharged, he was removed from the previous structure, due to the attacks he carried out against the staff. Thus, he was placed on 17/02/2021 in the structure of unaccompanied minors in Korisos, Kastoria.

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