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4th meeting – Rome, Italy (26.11.-28.11.2019)

The fourth international event of the ALL IN project funded by the Europe for Citizens programme took place last November 2019 in Rome.

The ALL IN Project involves 7 European countries – Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Poland, Cyprus, Italy, Greece – and aims to increase awareness of migration and social cohesion through the implementation of international events focused on key issues related to the promotion of more inclusive societies.

The 4th Italian Event, organized in Rome from 26 to 29 November 2019 by the Italian partner Associazione Centro Studi Città di Foligno, with the valuable collaboration of In Migrazione, focused on the topic of social inclusion.

The activities carried out allowed the representatives from the 7 European partner organizations to analyse and get in touch with the Italian reception system, through the comparison with external experts and local stakeholders.  

In fact, the participants of the IV International Event had the opportunity to actively participate in various activities aimed at presenting the characteristics of the Italian reception system, analysing both the criticalities and the initiatives of good reception and integration of migrants in our country.

Technical visits:

  • – Experiential workshop at the Italian L2 school for asylum seekers, refugees and vulnerable migrants managed by ASINITAS Onlus;
  • Guided tour to Esquilino,  the Roma Multi-ethnic district;
  • – Visit to the headquarters and services to migrants and refugees provided by In Migrazione.

Incontri con Esperti:

  • Workshop con Marco Omizzolo (In Migrazione): “The gangmaster system and Labour exploitation of migrants in agriculture” ; “International trade for the purpose of labour exploitation of Migrants in Italy: the case of Asylum Seekers in the Italian countryside”
  • Workshop with Costanza Ragusa and Valentina Fabbri (Programma Integra):  “Migrants and refugees in Italy: the Italian Reception System””;
  • Workshop with Ercole Boni – Intercultural Councillor –   Nino Ginnetti – Psychologist and Psychotherapist (In Migrazione): “The experience about refugees and asylum seekers’ welcoming”  ”.

The next international events of the ALL IN project will be held in:

– Cyprus: April 2020, Topic: Tolerance.

– Montenegro: June 2020, Topic: Diversity

– Greece: October 2020, Final Conference.

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