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3rd meeting – Krynica-Zdroj, Poland (3.9.-5.9.2019)

The third ALL IN project meeting was held during the Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój on 3-5 September. The motto of this year’s Forum was “Europe of Tomorrow. Strong Meaning What?”. During the conference, which is the largest event in this part of Europe, participants had the opportunity to participate in more than 200 debates, sessions and events.

The inauguration of the first day of the conference, which was attended by the participants of the project, was the Opening Eveningthe XXIX Economic Forum. The conference guests could listen to a performance of AUKSO – The Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy.

September 4 was an intense day for the participants of the project. On that day, a discussion panel entitled ” Migration Crisis And the EU’s Integrity – Is It Possible to Find a Common Position?” was held. The afternoon of the same day saw a workshop entitled “Neighbours from Across the Eastern Border. Migrants from Ukraine in Polish Society’. The presentation and discussion was held by Mrs. Myroslava Keryk, Chairman of the “Our Choice” Foundation. The participants of the project actively participated in the meeting, which concerned the current life of migrants from Ukraine in Poland. The presentation itself as well as the discussion that took place afterwards brought the guests closer to the situation of Ukrainians in Poland – problems they face, forms of assistance, events organized by and for the Ukrainian minority, etc. The participants of the project actively participated in the meeting that concerned the current life of migrants from Ukraine in Poland.

On September 5th, the participants of the project took part in two panels concerning migration. The discussion ‘Labour Migration – a Chance or a Challenge?’ moderated by Myrosława Keryk focused on various – both positive and negative – aspects of economic migration in Europe. Lucija Vasiljević, representing the Zasavje Regional Development Agency, was among the panellists in the debate. Another interesting point of the day was the panel ‘Integrating Immigrants – Social Challenges to be Faced, Political Price to be Paid’. One of the panelists was a representative of the Association of Local Authorities of Western Macedonia, Lefteris Topaloglou.  The participants of the discussion tried to find an answer to the question of how to stop the migration crisis and how to integrate immigrants effectively. In the evening, the project participants had a dinner in a regional restaurant, where they had the opportunity to get to know Nowy Sącz County and the Lemko culture.

The 3rd meeting of the ALL IN project ended on 6 September. Participants had the opportunity to take part in interesting debates and wide networking, especially in the field of migration – so important for the project.

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