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Historical facts teach us that statistics are usually easy to forget. People are moved by the real stories, where they can relate and see that at the very end, we all share the same dreams and goals, although our skin, nationality, and culture are different. 
Project activities include 3-day project meetings, where partners and European Citizens will have a chance to discuss and work on the project topic and participate in joint activities.
Each partner will also collect 3-4 migrant stories, which will be published on this blog as part of ‘Faces of Migration’.
Part of the blog are also food recipes, which will offer a chance to bring different cultures into people’s every day and let them think about importance of mutual understanding, acceptance, tolerance and reducing xenophobia & racism.
All participants will be actively involved in the transnational activities, encouraged to explore & taste & experience with purpose to gain new practices which can have a long-term impact on the partners’ countries. 
Workshops, debates, sharing good practices and active participation will foster intercultural dialogue and enable faster, fruitful conversations and exchanges of know-how in (in)formal environment. 
Use of bottom up approach in project activities will empower participants to get actively involved in shaping EU policies. 
It’ll raise their awareness of how important is to start on a local level to reach a small change, which can due to the program impact and involving representatives from national or EU level to a single activity, have an echo as a good practice in EU strategy or even policy.

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