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Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (Montenegro)

cedemslikaCEDEM is non-governmental organization established to advance successful democratic transition and to contribute to strengthening of civil society and respect for human rights. It acts as a think-tank group by organizing the numerous public hearings and practical actions.

Its has six departments: Rule of Law, EU and NATO integration, Empirical Research, Social Inclusion, Security and Defense, and Human rights department.

CEDEM has long-term cooperation with relevant human rights organizations, including UN, Human Rights Council, CERD, CEDAW. It is considered as a constructive partner in shaping, implementing  and monitoring of public policies.They cooperate with relevant domestic, regional and EU organizations (KAS, UPR network, Civil Rights Defenders, Human Rights Centre) and they are known for its analysis and surveys in the field of human rights as well as for its trainings and seminars on ECHR jurisprudence and international human rights standards which date back to 1999.

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