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2nd meeting – North Mitrovica, Kosovo (5.6.-8.6.2019)

The second ALL IN project meeting was held from 5 to 8 June 2019 in Mitrovica, Kosovo*. The event was titled “Shapes of multiethnicism” and its purpose was to make project partners aware of unique intercultural environment of Mitrovica and the northern Kosovo* in general. We were fully aware that the usual image of Kosovo* presented to the World is that of conflict and instability. We wanted to show that behind these narratives common people live.

On 6 June, project partners had the opportunity to visit Roma settlement in Mitrovica. First, a folk dance troupe performed few Roma dances after which the representative of Caritas Kosova and UNICEF presented the history of the settlement and how its inhabitants migrated during and after the conflict of 1999. Later, partners visited three families, with whom Caritas professional team works (with both parents and children) according to Portage methodology, and they witnessed positive impact it has on education.

The afternoon was reserved for visiting Banjska monastery in village Banjska, Zvecan municipality. Guided by an associate teacher from the University of Pristina, they were introduced with the history of our region from ancient times to present days.

What came later in the evening, according to testimonies of participants, no one could fully anticipate. Everyone got very emotional after the screening of the documentary, “Sound bridges of Kosovo” by Birol Urcan – the unique story of an amateur multiethnic big band, one of a kind in former Yugoslavia. For the evening’s finale, a multiethnic rock band, “Electraheart”, from Mitrovica Rock School, played for us. This evening’s event was held at the premises of Private cultural centre “Aquarius”.

In the morning of June 7 we went to the Civic Energy Center, where we participated in the workshop/panel, where they were introduced with Competencies passport methodology and its application to the work with vulnerable groups, especially with migrants and returnees (repatriated persons).

Later the same day students from local universities and representatives from local NGOs were provided with information about EU programmes available for students and CSOs in Kosovo*. The presentation was led by local experts, at EU House premises.

During the late afternoon and evening project partners witnessed the natural beauties of northern Kosovo*, and experienced traditional cuisine and handcrafts. The event took place at Gazivode lake and it was hosted by the members of an NGO “Vredne Kolasinke”, who promotes and preserves traditional heritage.

Saturday, June 8 was the last day of the meeting and ALL IN participants joined inclusive creative workshop held at Private cultural centre “Aquarius”. Members of Children’s arts studio, pupils from primary school “Vlado Cetkovic”, and members of informal group “UM za decu” demonstrated some ceramics painting techniques. Later, the products of the workshop were distributed by workshop participants to local cafe bars.

In the end everyone was sad to part – sad that the event didn’t last longer.


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