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Soheil (Iran)

For refugees, integration into the local community can be a solution to their plight and a chance to build a new life. Montenegro placed integration high on the policy agenda, with the aim of rendering refugees economically productive and self-reliant, all the while programming assistance in a way that respects their dignity.

When Soheil came to Montenegro he crossed paths with Pedja, an owner of a production house, who brought Soheil into the world of events management and production. Community support means everything to Soheil, as his integration was largely facilitated by the people he met on the journey. In the small workshop and in the large warehouse Soheil is hard at work on technical repairs, equipment management and addressing the various needs of clients.

“Working in the tech production requires a lot of skills and you have to know everything – from physical jobs to mechanics, software and repairing. However, it all pays off once you have created a harmony between sound and light,” said Soheil.

When speaking about his life and job in Montenegro, gratitude permeates through his words. More about him and his life watch in movie produced within ALL IN project, available at the following link –

By Ana Piljuz

Photos: © UNHCR

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