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Gan (Vietnam)

Gan arrived in Cyprus in 2014 with a working visa and was employed in a goat farm. He had left Vietnam in search for better employment opportunities in a European country.

He returned to Phon Dong, a village where most people work in farming, but which does not offer a lot of opportunities for work overall.  Gan is married and he returned to his mother and his two children (22 years and 12 years old). His wife is also abroad for work while his children live with their grandmother who is 80 years old. Overall, the financial situation of the family was not very good.

The reintegration assistance he received covered housing expenses. Since Gan did not have a concrete plan as to what to do once back in Vietnam, he highlighted the need to fix the roof of his house which was torn away by a storm, making it a priority to fix the house first before searching for a job. Given the fact that he had three dependents to sustain (mother and two children), his poor financial situation and that of his family, as well as the limited economic opportunities in the village, the assistance he received helped Gan effectively with his housing needs. The housing condition has greatly improved since his return and it has allowed him to focus on rebuilding his life anew.

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