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A Somali with no homeland

The minor is from Somalia, he is sixteen years old and he never met his mother (the reason for her disappearance remains unknown). The decision to travel to Europe was made together with his father and uncle, so that they could escape the terrorist attacks that took place in his country. His father and he had been targeted by terrorists and therefore had to leave the country in order to save their lives and have a better future.

The beneficiary started with his father from Wamberi (a region of Mogadishu, which is a city in Somalia), so that he could help his injured father and save himself who was in danger. According to the minor, his father and himself were targeted by an extremist Islamic organization (Al Shabab), because they had many customers from the police and the army in the small shop they maintained (something like a mini market), which annoyed the members of Al Shabab.

The terrorist organization accused them of being traitors, as they were serving government employees in the shop and for this reason they were banned from going public. The minor and his father ignored the specific threats, continuing to circulate in public, in order to meet the obligations of their family business. During one of the father’s daily trips to the market to get the necessary products for his shop, members of the terrorist organization shot the father, who was seriously injured. The father was then taken to hospital for first aid and treatment of his wounds. While the father was given healthcare in the hospital, the necessary – for running his business – public movements to the market were undertaken by the minor. On his way back to the store, the terrorists attacked the minor and tried to murder him, but he was lucky as the executioner’s weapon blocked and the passers-by chased the would-be killer. They then walked to Baccaro (Bogadiso area), where they stayed for seventeen days at his uncle’s house.

There, the uncle took care of his father’s wounds, but because the situation was deteriorating they decided to leave the country. From Bacaro they were transported by car to Bogadiso Airport (Adan Adi Airport) and traveled to Istanbul (Turkey). After seven days in Turkey, the beneficiary’s father who was seriously injured, died of bleeding, leaving the beneficiary completely alone in a foreign country. In Istanbul, the minor stayed for a month at the home of some of his compatriots, but due to the fear of the police and the expected return to his country, he decided to go to the city of Bodrum by using a bus. From the city of Bodrum the beneficiary took an inflatable boat to cross the sea border to Greece.

During the sea voyage, the Hellenic Coast Guard caught him and transported him to the Kos Hospital. There the minor experienced terrible difficulties and was exposed to dangerous situations (verbal and physical violence by organized gangs, staff indifference to the state of his physical and mental health). Finally, the beneficiary was transferred to the Accommodation Structure of Unaccompanied Minors of Korisos (from 21/05/2021), where he resides until today.

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