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Damira Krivošić

 Favorite quote/life motto: Words Are Energy  

My name is Damira Krivošić. I was born in July 1988 in Kosovo. I have spent the first 28 years of my life in Mitrovica, in the northern part of Kosovo, and then moved to Turkey. The only reason for changing my place of residence was love. I have fallen in love with a Turkish boy, who lives in the Asian part of this country, a small town named Zonguldak. Before I go any further with my life story, I would like to mention that I am certified yoga instructor and that I was fully satisfied with my life before I decided to leave. In my early twenties I supported myself by babysitting.

When I first arrived in Turkey, it seemed that the process of adaptation would be easy, but it turned out completely opposite. I would classify it as very difficult due to so many reasons. Some of those reasons were evident cultural differences between Kosovo and Turkey, language barrier, as well as financial insecurity. I had so many difficulties especially when communicating with locals, due to their poor English. Actually, the only person I could communicate with was my boyfriend and he was my link with other people.

So, the language barrier was the main obstacle in finding a job, although I was in constant search. After few weeks spent in Zonguldak, I moved to a small tourist town called Oludeniz. There I started working as a babysitter in British-Pakistani family. At my job interview I clearly stated that I applied only for babysitting. But I was obviously misunderstood and after just a few days, besides the babysitting tasks, I was required to do housekeeping. I was even requested to work without a lunch break. It has gotten worse day by day. It made me feel diminished and underestimated. Of course, after two weeks I left that job. The whole experience was so stressful for me. Since I wasn’t able to find a job, I did not qualify for getting a residence permit. That’s why I was forced to travel to Kosovo and back every three months.

In January 2019, I have definitely made my mind about returning to my hometown. After a lot of thinking, my partner and I have decided to move to Mitrovica together, hoping that we would be more successful in building our future here.

Luckily, this decision turned out a good one, since my partner managed to find a job that he was trained for, even before his arrival. It is worth mentioning that I started working shortly after my return.

In the upcoming days I am expecting my lovely Arda to come and I am looking forward to our future.

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