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Dear Storyteller,

First, let us introduce ourselves. We are partners of ALL IN project, which is co-financed by Europe for Citizens Programme.

Our consortium shares the strive, that migration is one of the oldest human trends, which shaped countries, societies and national identities.
Huge mobility of global population for the last decades and especially for the last couple of years caused that host societies have consequently become increasingly multicultural and put into question the long-standing national identities of relatively homogeneous nations.

ALL IN project raises the awareness that migrations are not a new phenomenon. includes different target groups e.g. European Citizens, stakeholders, policy makers, NGOs representatives, migrants, asylum seekers, foreigners. 

Each partner has to collect 3-4 migrant stories, which will be published to the blog as part of the activity ‘Faces of Migration.’
Historical facts teach us that statistics are usually easy to forget. People are moved by the real stories, where they can relate and see that at the end, we all share the same dreams and goals.

Moreover, partners have to collect food recipes, which will offer a chance to bring different cultures into people’s every day and let them think about importance of mutual understanding, acceptance, tolerance and reducing xenophobia & racism.

We are sure, that we all have stories to tell, stories we have lived from the inside out. Our memories are important and if we do not collect and preserve memories/stories, they will disappear forever.

All our stories and the stories of the people around us are unique and valuable treasures for our families and community.

What we’d like to ask you is to be part of our project and share your story with us. Additionally, we’ll be really grateful if you can provide one culinary recipe from your country of origin.

We value your story and we think that it can be a big contribution, not just for a project itself, but also for history.

In order to get the best possible outcome, we’d like to give you some instructions below.


The story (part 2) should be from 2-3 pages long (Times New Roman 12; 1,5 spacing)

1. For the beginning please write/send:

– photo 

– name & family name (optional)

– gender

– age

– country of origin/birthplace

– current country

2. Later on, we’d like to encourage you to think about you and your story, who you are and:

1. Describe yourself (your story, who are you/who were you in your country of origin, what do you like, where were you active, education, work, why did you move/escape, where are you now, etc)

2. Story behind the move/escape (why, where and how)

3. Adapting to new life (beginning, struggling, integration to the society, education process, work, current situation, what have you learned from your experience? do you regret your decision.)

4. Plans for the future

5. Favourite quote/life motto

Culinary recipe

Please put down a short description of the food and don’t forget about the photo. Examples can be found on our blog.

In the end, we’d like to thank you for your time and effort. We are truly grateful that you’ve shared your story with us and provide culinary recipe, which will bring a piece of your country to every household.

Please send your story and a recipe to

Thank you!

ALL IN partners

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