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Raul (Cuba)

After fleeing political persecution in Cuba, Raul and his family are determined to build a new life and learn a new language in Montenegro. Raul has been living in Montenegro for almost a year, after fleeing political persecution in Cuba with his wife and two children. Eight months into their stay at a centre for... Continue Reading →

Soheil (Iran)

For refugees, integration into the local community can be a solution to their plight and a chance to build a new life. Montenegro placed integration high on the policy agenda, with the aim of rendering refugees economically productive and self-reliant, all the while programming assistance in a way that respects their dignity. When Soheil came... Continue Reading →

Youssef (Morocco)

Youssef came to Cyprus in October 2018 with a visitor’s card upon invitation of his sister who lives and works in Cyprus. He decided however that he could not find a sustainable job in Cyprus and close to his profession and thus decided to return to Morocco. Youssef returned to Rabat as there are more... Continue Reading →

Sharmin (Bangladesh)

Sharmin arrived in Cyprus in 2007 with a student visa to study business administration and in 2015 he managed to complete his MBA studies. In order to extend his stay in the country he applied for international protection. In the absence of interesting job opportunities and having missed his family, he decided to return to... Continue Reading →

Gan (Vietnam)

Gan arrived in Cyprus in 2014 with a working visa and was employed in a goat farm. He had left Vietnam in search for better employment opportunities in a European country. He returned to Phon Dong, a village where most people work in farming, but which does not offer a lot of opportunities for work... Continue Reading →

Mediha (Tokmić) Halep

Moto: Whatever happens, could not bypass you, and whatever avoids you, could not happen to you! My name is Mediha (Tokmić) Halep. I am a nurse. This is an occupation that I wanted to work on from my early childhood. Now, when I am grown up, married, and a mother of two children, I often... Continue Reading →

Christopher Fuss

Thinking about it, I am kind of suprised that life made an expat out of me. After finishing high school, I worked in the German media sector for several years. Since I had not visited a university, like most of my peers, I started to feel sort of uneducated after a while, which was, next... Continue Reading →

Raymond Dolan

Favorite quote/life motto: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door First of all, I would like to share my favourite motto that plays a big role in my own personal migration story: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. In my opinion, the quote is self-explanatory – sometimes you have to move (very) outside your... Continue Reading →

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